Dance Classes in Reading, Pennsylvania


Children's Dance Classes

We offer a graded curriculum in dance for ages 2 through teen. Our qualified, experienced and professional staff is trained in traditional along with the latest dance techniques that are very important factors in the progress and success of any dancer regardless of age.
Twinkle Star Program - children's dance classes in Reading, PA

Mommy/Daddy & Me Workout or Caregiver (2 year olds)

Age appropriate dance, Tumble Bear Gym with activities done to fun and creative music to develop your child's gross motor skills, socialization and listening skills. Plus, Yoga for Kids and fitness activities. Adult participation required.

Twinkle Babies (3 year olds)

Introducing, Fairy Princess Ballet, Tumble Bear Gym, songs plus other activities. Not only a lot of fun, but also develops rhythm, balance, and coordination.

twinkle stars (4-6 year olds)

An increased skill level in Magical Tap, Fairy Princess Ballet, and Tumble Bear Gym, packed with a unique fun approach to learning for your child. The material is a beginner level, however different from the age 3 level work. We have separate classes for the beginner and student with previous training for this age.

Beginner D (7-9 year olds)

A progressive curriculum focusing on development of your child in ballet, tap, pre-jazz and acrobatic skills all in one exciting and fun-filled class. We have separate classes for the beginner and student with previous training for this age.

Combination Classes

We have graded level classes for the dancer with previous training in a challenging, yet fun relaxed atmosphere.
**5-6 yrs. old going into their 2nd yr. of dance. Must have 1 complete yr. previously tap, ballet, tumbling.**
**6-8 yrs. old going into their 3rd yr. of dance. Must have 2 complete yrs. previously tap, ballet, acrobatic.**
**7-9 yrs. old going into their 4th yr. of dance. Must have 3 complete yrs. previously tap, ballet, tumbling**
**8-10 yrs. old going into their 5th / 6th yr. of dance.**
**11-13 yrs. old going into their 7th / 8th yr. of dance.**
**Teens –14 & up in the Int./Adv. Levels.**
Teen students — dance center in Reading, PA
Group Event — dance center in Reading, PA
Dance Routine — dance center in Reading, PA

Hip Hop

Hip Hop refers to social or choreographed dance styles primarily danced to hip hop music or that has evolved as part of the hip hop culture. Students are encouraged to have a jazz foundation to be familiar with dancing techniques prior to doing Hip Hop, although not required.

Kidz Hop ages 5-6

An introduction with age appropriate movements & music, however we recommend a combination dance class to be taken first or in addition, although not required.

Jr. Jammin I Beginners age 7-9**

Hip Hop Basics for school age children with clean, age appropriate music and movements in a fun-filled class.

Jr. Jammin II Ages 8-10 has completed Level I**

Increased skill development in graded hip hop style for school age children with clean, age appropriate music and movements in one exciting class.

Hip Hop Beginners age 10& up

MTV hip hop style class for beginner in a challenging yet fun class with current music and latest dance fad to hit the area.

Hip Hop Intermediate level ages 12 & up

Must have previous hip hop training with a clear understanding of the way the body must move for this skill level.

Hip Hop Advance level ages 14 & up

Should have at least 4/5 years of previous intense hip hop training. Must be seen by instructor prior to attending for proper placement, knowledge & ability to be with this level class.

Classical Ballet

Ballet provides a solid foundation for all other forms of dance and also forms the discipline, creativity and appreciation of dance as an art form. Students are motivated to strive for excellence in technique, grace and poise, with additional emphasis on strength, energy and athleticism. Pointe is taught by recommendation of the instructor when the student's strength and technical achievement reaches a level where the additional challenge would benefit their classical training.


For the serious ballet student with emphasis on proper barre' and center work technique.

Intermediate / Advanced Level

Graded level in ballet technique. Must be seen by instructor prior to attending for proper placement, knowledge & ability to be with this level.


By recommendation of the teacher when the students has reached the required strength and technical skills.

Adult Fitness Classes

Street Groove

TV Hip Hop style for adults, breakin' down the moves for the most inexperienced in a comfortable, non-challenging atmosphere. Using the latest, up & coming hits on the charts.

Beginner Level I

Join the fun and get into the “Groove” and show the kids that adults can do hip hop too!


Fire it Up Dance Fitness is a 45 minute jazz dance based conditioning and fitness class. No dance experience necessary for adults to experience the heat of dance fitness to music from multiple genres and decades.... Latin/Salsa, Jitterbug/Swing, Disco, 80's, Hip Hop/Funk, Broadway Favorites, Country and Western and of course the most current POP music!! Cool the heat with an inspirational lyrical dance at the end of each class.

Adult Tap Classes

Tap is an intricate form of dance with the feet as well as the body. Tap enhances rhythmic dynamics, speed and agility. Traditional and contemporary styles are taught, with a focus on total body movement, technical correctness and performance quality. This is a graded system for the Adult dancer.

Adult Beginner Level I

For the beginner who always wanted to tap as a child & never had the chance.

Adult Level II

Must have 1-2 yr. of previous training. A step above the beginner level. A full understanding and execution of the basics with the ability to dance comfortably with rhythm changes.

Adult Intermediate Level

Must previously have 4/5 yr. training in tap.

Adult Intermediate / Advanced Level

Must have 6/7 year training. Must be seen by instructor prior to attending for proper placement, knowledge and ability to be with this level class.

Adult Advanced Level

More than 8 yrs of training. Must be seen by instructor prior to attending for proper placement, knowledge and ability to be with this level class.

Tap & Burn

A blend of tap basics and arm movements executed to improve cardio and burn calories for adults. Up beat music selections you'll love to hear and sing along to. Not the traditional tap class. Great for the stay at home person who wants something different in exercise and no gym membership required. Burn 400 calories or more with 3,00-4,00 steps per class. This is an 8 week session.

Level I

Non to very little knowledge of tap needed, however a tap technique class in addition is a plus, however not required.

Level II

Strong tap based knowledge with 4-5 previous years of tap training.

Level III

Advanced tap knowledge with ability for speed and intricacy.

All That Jazz

Taking you back to where it all began with a traditional Broadway Jazz class incorporating stretching, proper technique, dance combinations and more. Dancing to songs from Broadway's finest productions.

Beginner Level

For the true beginner who enjoys dancing in a comfortable atmosphere with other adults. Learning a dance style and gaining great exercise all in one.

Intermediate Level

For the more experienced adults who has had jazz technique classes and under stands the basic jazz terminology, the use of the body in isolations , basic turns and more.

Ballet Stretch & Tone

Ballet Stretch & Tone is a fusion-style conditioning program, designed for the non-dancer blending training techniques drawn from Ballet. Ballet Stretch & Tone. This fun, invigorating workout is designed to develop core strength, muscular endurance, dynamic balance and flexibility. No equipment or gym membership required. This is an 8 week session.

Sittercize/Aging Backwards

Physical fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs and muscles. This class addresses the five major components of physical fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and cardiovascular endurance. Sittercize is a blend of seated and standing activities that combine toning, stretching, and balancing to burn calories. Equipment used includes resistance bands, light weights, and various hand held props set to music for the mature adult. Daytime class - 8 week sessions.

Specialty Classes



For Toddlers ages 18mo. -3yrs. & Pre-school/Kinder ages 4-6 that focuses on age specific skill-sets. This is a Parent Assisted program that will develop gross and fine motor skills, fundamental acrobatic body shapes & tricks, follow instruction, control, kinesthetic awareness, develop their focus,listening & co-operative skills, take turns, while having fun & much more. This mini 8 week session is held Oct/Nov, Jan/Feb, June/July

Line Dancing

Learn the latest line dances with music style genres ranging from hip hop, soul, country, oldies and more. Line dancing is lots of fun, and great exercise!

Wedding Prep Class

Simple but intricate looking dance for the Bride & Groom's special day that's adaptable to anyone's favorite song.