Rates & Procedures in Reading, Pennsylvania


2017-2018 Rates

Annual Registration Fee - $10 (per family)
Tuition is based on a flat monthly rate regardless of the amount of classes in that given month. Missed classes are not eligible for refunds, discounts or credits.
Monthly Tuition rate for 6 or more students
1 hr. class- $50
¾ hr. class- $45
½ hr. class- $40
Private class (1 person) for the advance level (student /adult) or at director discretion & schedule availability ½ hr. class - $100
Semi-private (2 or 3 persons) advance level only ½ hr. class- $55 per person 3/4 hr. class- $60 per person
Semi private (4 or 5 persons) ½ hr. class- $43 per person
Semi private (4 or 5 persons) ¾ hr. class- $48 per person
Adult Tap Classes ¾ hr. class- ages 55 & up - $33 under age 55 - $45
Acrobatique - Toddlers (18mo.-3 yrs.) - (Parent Assisted) Mini-8 Week Sessions- 1/2 hr. class- $65 (no additional discounts will apply)
Pre-school/Kinder (age 4-6) - (Parent Assisted) Mini-8 Week Sessions- 1/2 hr. class- $65 (no additional discounts will apply)
Adult Fitness Classes
Tap N Burn, FIRE IT UP Dance Fitness , Ballet Stretch & Tone
8 week session- $73
Yearly registration fee- $10
Drop-in rate: $12
Choose any 2 above classes sessions and get the 3rd at 1/2 price
(must all be taken in the same 8 week period)
Mother & Daughter Specialty class- 1/2 hr.
$40 per family pair (no additional discounts will apply)
Ballroom classes 1 hr.class
group (6 or more) $20** semi-private (4 people) $25** private (2 people) $30**
**-indicates per person rate
Monthly Payment Options:
Option 1.
Set up automatic/recurring Debit/Credit Card payments online: DanceCentersOnlinePayment
Option 2.
Cash or Checks DUE FIRST LESSON OF THE CALENDAR MONTH to be paid at the front desk.
A $5.00 late fee PER WEEK will incur, if paid after the 1st lesson. NO EXCEPTIONS!
We do not send monthly reminders of when payment is due. It is your responsibility to pay on time.
Withdrawal From Lessons Before End Of The Season:
A form must also be filled out and returned one month in advance. Your account will be charged until unless we hear from you.
Failure to follow withdrawal procedures will result in your account being sent to the Collection Bureau. You will be responsible for ALL COSTS that apply to recover the full amount due.
You must notify the office and submit a withdrawal form that you will not be returning and only at that time your Automatic/reoccurring Payment will then stop
Insufficient Funds: A fee of $35 will be charged to your account for returned checks.
All accrued outstanding charges must be paid in full before participating in the annual recital.
Mailing Tuition: It must arrive in our office no later than the 1st lesson of the month for your account to be credited without a late fee charge.
Our office goes by the Post Mark NOT the date on your check.
If you miss payment for any reason the 1st lesson of the month, get your tuition to us BEFORE the next week to avoid the late fee. (6 day grace period)
Please make checks payable to: Dance Centers 2237 Howard Blvd. Reading, PA. 19606 (610) 779-1633
Dance Centers reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class due to lack of adequate registration to run the program.

Policy and Procedures

Sibling and Multiple lesson discount: The first class will be charged regular monthly tuition. Each additional class or sibling will be discounted $6 per Month. Discounts do not apply to private and semi- private lessons. Discount does not apply to classes designated with **
Make-up classes: A make-up class closest to your child’s age and ability level will be offered, however, the make up class material may be different.
A 24 hr. notice of cancellation for private and semi-private is required for a make-up to be offered. Make-ups are offered at the earliest convenience of the teacher and studio availability.
Students involved in sport or school activities:that interfere with dance class for more than 2 consecutive weeks will be required to take one private class for every 2 consecutive missed classes at an additional private lesson rate. Your regular monthly class rate will be required to hold your spot in your class.This must be arranged through the office PRIOR to returning to class. With the teaching schedule very full these classes will only be done before or after the teaching day schedule or when the teacher is available.
Discipline: If a child becomes hard to handle, destructive or a danger to him/herselfor the other children, we reserve the right to remove the child from the program.
Promptness: Please be aware that classes begin promptly at designated times. Tardiness disrupts the entire class, in addition draws uncomfortable attention to your child. Be considerate of their feelings. In the event the tardiness continues on a regular basis we would ask that you change to a different class best suited to your schedule. This also implies to the pick-up time after the class.
Class Visitation: Parents are always welcome to observe our classes, however we ask that distractions such as knocking on the window, waving at your child, loud conversations or disruptive siblings be kept to a minimum. We want your child to get the most out of his or her class time. Outside distractions only waste your child’s time and your money. If you must bring a sibling to class, we ask you for safety reasons to enforce proper behavior.
Inclement Weather: Please call Dance Centers at 610-779-1633 for a recorded message after 3:00pm Not before! We DO NOT follow school closings.


Dance Attire - We have a uniform just like sports

Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class without proper dance attire including shoes.
Failure to wear required dance wear and shoes to class will result in the student being asked to sit out of class.
Repeated offenses can result in termination of dance lesson.
All appropriate dancewear & shoes must be obtained by the end of September.
NO Street wear, Jeans, Boxer Shorts, Sleep Wear Pants or Fad clothing, Belly shirts, Sweat or Oversized T-shirts.
Click here to view proper Dance attire & also make purchases: http://www.costumemanager.com/Store?studioId=0018000001V2oPP

Children — Dance Center in Reading, PA
Jewelry - Should be kept to a minimum and small in size.
Hair - styled neatly and pulled away from face.
Acrobatic students: Hair in pony-tale
Failure to wear required dance wear and shoes to class can result in the student being asked to sit out of class. Repeated offense can result in termination of dance lessons. All appropriate dancewear & shoes must be obtained by end of September!